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Mystical Marriage in Machu Picchu

Mystical Marriage in Machu Picchu

  • Duration

    1/2 Day /

  • Price Per Person



Max Altitud 3,762m.


Group Size 2-8


Level Fácil

This Andean ceremony is much more important than a common conjugal union between two people , so it ‘s all a sacred ritual performed by an Andean Priest , along with all the energies of nature. also because , in this act , all the Deities are considered sacred in Andean religion . Here , we mention the main ones that make up the Andean duality consists LOS APUS ( Mountain Spirits ) , representing the masculine side and LA Pacha Mama ( Mother Earth ) representing the woman and in addition to these two main Deities , is considered as an element Water represents purity and symbolizing the Camino Fire or Force . Many years ago, the Andean , continuing the traditions of our ancestors the Incas , continued the practice of these ceremonies , as they considered the perfect sacred bond between man and woman, so that they thrive and can have happiness hands full Pacha Mama who will give all products that have in their environment and the protection of APUS who will be guardians against any enemy who desires evil for the couple.



The Andean marriage ceremony begins with the pick-up of the couple from the hotel at 8:00 am, to transfer them to sacred valley, where we have a sacred area for these ceremonies.

On the route, you will see beautiful natural landscapes of the sacred valley and if you want we will be making stops for taking photos of the couple for the video and photos included, the transfer time is 1.5 hours to the place of the ceremony.

Upon arriving at the place, the couple will arrange their wedding dress, and be ready for the ceremony.

Andean marriage is a way to unite harmonies of love between a couple, who will invite as participants the sacred energies of nature, the Mother Earth (feminine), the Apus or sacred mountains (masculine), who with all their strengths and energies They will give us all their blessings to live in harmony and love forever.

The ceremony begins with the couple entering the center of the ceremony, where the Andean priest waits for the couple to begin cleaning with sacred plants, waters and incense in this way to be ready to enter to MESA, the Andean Priest altar.

The ceremony has different phases of work, which are:

  • COCA Q’AWAY or Coca reading, this is important so that the shaman can see some shortcomings of the couple, and with the marriage offering the Andean priest being able to help with the prayers.
  • T’IKARIY Flowering, it is the important part to be able to initiate the ceremony, with this act the couple receives the blessing of the flowers and thus to be able to work their energy, overcoming and bloom like a flower.
  • DESPACHO Marriage offering, this is the elaboration of the marriage offering begins, where the shaman will take a prudential time to carry out this act, which will be explained step by step to the couple to understands better about the offering and in that way Put all your energies and requests into the offering.
  • SIWI CHURAKUY. Putting rings, is a way to exchange the energy of sacred metals such as gold and silver that also represent the Moon and the Sun sacred deities in the Andean religion, these metals will help the positive vibe of the couple.
  • CH’ALLAY or make a toast, this will be a sacred act between the Andean priest, the couple of spouses, Pacha Mama mother earth and the Apus sacred mountains, where we proceed to the toast with the holy drink AQHA or chicha, All of them will drink in the same moment to strengthen their respect for each other.
  • SUCHI T’IQRAY exchange of gifts, the couple exchanged presents between them each with a meaning of life and work for the family.

Finally we would be finishing the ceremony with a photo session and a certificate that is given to the couple and return to Cusco arriving at 1:00 p.m.

THE Andean Marriage INCLUDES.

  • Start of connection with coca leaves.
  • Private transportation to the Retreatment Center.
  • Assistant, translator; Quechua, Spanish and English speaking.
  • different Master Shamans for your entire retreat, if you do all Andean techniques.
  • Master Shamans in case of marriage withoutdoing the Andean techniques represent the universal energies.
  • Spiritual blessing of rings or Renewal of botos.
  • Photos and filming with normal camera.
  • Typical Andean outfits for the marriage ceremony (woman and man).
  • Lunch for the couple, Master Shamans and guests.
  • Chicha de jora (typical inca beverage).
  • Beer and wine for the offering and tinkacuy.
  • Duration of the marriage 6 hours if it is complete technique, otherwise 3 hours.
  • Simple flower decoration at the Retreat center.

NOT INCLUDED Andean Marriage

  • Wedding rings (gold and silver preferably).
  • Transportation for guests.
  • Wedding ceremony outfit if the couple does not want the Andean one.
  • Godparents if you wanted them.
  • Accommodations. Special food.
  • Additional suit if the couple does not want the typical Andean costume.


Price $600

Methods of Payment

We require a deposit of 50% to confirm your reservation.

Western Union

There are additional fees associated with this method of payment, which will be paid by the client.
Country: PERU
Receiver’s ID: 70487755
After sending payment, please send us an e-mail with the following information: Transaction numbers: Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), a ten-digit number.


If you’d like to pay via PayPal or a direct bank deposit, please note that a 10% fee applies.
Please add this amount to the tour cost to cover the transaction costs. Our PayPal email address is:

For all methods of payment, please include the following information in your reservation email:

  • Copies of all passport(s).
  • Start date for your trip.


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